Occupy Update December 10, 2011

Breaking News—Occupy Boston Encampment Cleared by Police

At 5 AM this morning, Boston Police moved in and began tearing down the 10 week old camp of Occupy Boston in a move that was expected since Wednesday's ruling by a Suffolk Superior Court Judge that the protestors were not engaging in “protected speech”. Since then the protestors had been playing a waiting game after Boston Mayor Thomas Menino gave them a midnight Thursday deadline to leave Dewey Square. This tension, as well as live coverage of the raid and aftermath, was captured on Boston.com as they collated twitter feeds. There were no reports of violence or injuries during the raid in which at 46 people were arrested, apparently for non-violent resistance.

Now the the physical occupation is over, it is logical to ask what's next. The first step is a General Assembly at 7 PM at the Bandstand on the Boston Common to regroup. There are also reports of members setting up meetings inside offices of sympathetic groups. Whatever the end result, please stayed tuned to UWS News for the latest updates to this developing story and as to how the Occupy movement continues to influence the political and social debates in this country