Occupy Update December 20, 2011

Mother Jones has a great summary of how Occupy Iowa Caucus plans to disrupt the Democratic and Republican caucuses by working within the rules. Also in Iowa, eight members of Occupy Des Moines were arrested for trespassing at state Democratic Party headquarters after an attempted occupation.

According to The Huffington Post, Occupy Atlanta has helped save an Iraq War veteran's home from foreclosure.

Lia Grainger writes in this magazine about the pro-immigration rally Occupy I.C.E. in Los Angeles last week and asks if as the movement splinters if it will lose potency.

Tyler Kingdale points out that the Occupy movement has made the homeless visible again.

Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone says that OWS is changing the conversation, even among Republicans.

In a follow up to yesterday's Update piece about the conflict between OWS and Trinity Episcopal Church over Duarte Square, several Episcopal clergy were among those arrested at the attempted occupation.

Finally, this Op-Ed from Tom Engelhardt in Truth-Out.org reaches back to the 1990s to put the recent worldwide Occupy movements in context.