Occupy Update December 23, 2011

Richard D. Wolff, in an Op-Ed for Truth-Out.org, argues that the public has lost control of public spaces (which has allowed the eviction of Occupy protestors) and has lost control of where they work (which has led to the current economic crisis).

David Cay Johnston lays out the case in an opinion piece for Reuters that corporations have already occupied Congress.

Former Wall Street insider John C. Bogle says “Speculators should pay their fair tax share.” and voices support for OWS.

The NYPD is retraining officers on its media policy after complaints about press access to the raid on Zuccotti Park.

David Berreby writes at BigThink.com that Eisenhower Republicans had a lot in common with OWS.

Add Dr. Cornel West to the activists supporting Occupy The Rose Parade that UWS News reported on yesterday.

Finally, the LA Times is reporting that if some of the protestors arrested at Occupy LA want to avoid court trials, then they can pay $355 for lessons on free speech from a private company.