Occupy Update December 26, 2011

OWS marked Christmas by returning to Zuccotti Park for an event that included readings and potluck dinner. They also sent along a message of support to the protestors in Moscow who have been using the same leaderless, social media driven tactics as the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring.

Occupy Providence has a unique proposal: They are willing to vacate their encampment if the city sets up a day shelter for the homeless. UWS News has been reporting on how the Occupy protestors around the country have been working with and advocating for the homeless individuals who become a part of their camps.

NPR checks in with an Occupy DC member and asks what impact they will have on 2012?

The LA Times asks if the Senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren will be a test for the public's opinion of OWS.

Kalle Lasn, the person widely credited with providing the impetus for OWS, tells Radio Netherlands that this is only the beginning.