Occupy Update : January 11, 2012


CBSnews.com : With the groups filing motions to remove barricades at Zucotti Park, Protestors moved back in, then allegedly dispersed by day break Atlanta Journal Constitution. Video from the Occupy Wall Street live stream documents the re-entrance into the park.

While Zucotti shows signs of life, protestors in North Carolina have decamped from Occupy Chapel Hill newsobserver.com. The protestors held a closing press conference saying they will now focus on issues important to the group. WTVD-TV Raleigh-Durham, NC

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Occupy Florida greets opening of Legislature --Dozens of Occupy Florida demonstrators made the most of their one moment to confront Florida Gov. Rick Scott before his State of the State address. Miami Herald ,Video provided by The Sunshine State News

A troubled Occupy Oakland activist is facing life in prison after being arrested on a three strikes charge for what may have been a minor altercation. The group is rallying in support of a man they had formerly evicted from their encampment. The man returned and demonstrated better behaviour, leading to the camp's support, according to Sfgate.com (San Francisco Chronicle)

Also in Oakland, the supposed journal of record for the city has filed a cease and desist order against the protestors' own journal, claiming it “tarnishes and diminishes the value" of the city's flagship paper. Sfweekly.com

Finally from Oakland, amidst of hundreds complaints of police misconduct, the first disciplinary action has been taken by the city against officers involved in actions against the Occupiers. A Bystander's video allegedly offered evidence of the police violations. Baycitizen.org