January 25, 2012 : Occupy Igloos Up at Davos

New encampment for Occupy : the latest Occupy tent to go up is an igloo at the World Economic Forum (WEF) conference in Davos. Wall Street Journal says self-appointed representatives of the 99% have made the trek from as far as Texas.

Closer to home OWS has dropped its lawsuit against Zucotti Park citing the city's decision to remove the barriers and allowing protesters freer access to park. NY Times

Protesters declare victory in Providence as they disband their encampment in exchange for a deal for day care center for the city's homeless. The Brown Daily Herald has the details.

The San Francisco Examiner has a response for police who are attempting to explain their actions shown in the raw video below.

While Occupy winters in the Northern parts of the globe, Guardian UK reviews two early books on the movement.

Take the money and shut up : one of the most used “narratives” by establishment media is to laud billionaires and millionaires so long as they keep their mouths shut about perceived deficiencies in the current economic system, while lambasting or lampooning those who express concern as ungrateful hypocrites (Soros, Buffett). Bloomberg bemoans the fact that income inequality is now a topic inside Davos.

Bloomberg also runs a story on how the UK government is working with the Olympic organizing committee to ban occupy type demonstrations at the games scheduled to occur there this summer.

Auckland, NZ : the city council there is looking to arrest more protesters who continue to camp out. Protesters will hold a public meeting at the square tonight to discuss how to proceed. stuff.co.nz

Finally, Obama's change of tone..not too long ago the Prez lauded the success of big banker buds like Jamie Dimon, however the State of the Union echo'd many of the themes of occupy. While politico heavywieghts like Gergen slam the Prez is not reaching across the aisle, others marvel at how quickly Occupy has changed the discussion.