January 27, 2012 : Protesters Move Inside, Occupy Foreclosures and Vacancies

Occupy DC has been given word by Park Rangers to clear out by Monday. The protesters claim they are ready to “defend their turf,” while the Washington Post asks – should they? Meanwhile from Switzerland the Post is reporting that the Head of the Forum is calling on Occupy Davos protesters to meet with him directly while the UN human rights chief Navi Pillay says they should be heard in the main area, not as part of a special event. Stay tuned.


cartoon by nick anderson, cartoonistgroup.com

Art of the Squat – many protesters are “occupying” abandoned buildings and offices, some of which are attached to the very financial instituions the occupiers are protesting. Across the pond, the Guardian is covering the latest eviction from such quarters, while Bloomberg/Businessweek has a more thorough analysis. Occupy Oakland has their own plans in this regard, according to SF Chronicle. On the subject of vacancies, protesters in Brooklyn disrupted mortgage foreclosure proceedings by bursting into song. WSJ Online

Yesterday's Occupy Digest noted several media outlets are identifying the NATO , G8 Summits in Chicago as the next big Occupation. Today, multiple follow-ups as Adbusters once again sounds the clarion call. However, some in the Occupy movement are concerned the magazine is now conflicting with plans already in motion. In These Times

On the heels of the Prez big speech Tuesday night, Occupy has issued a rebuttal/declaration...the entire statement is here : Huffpost

Occupy Auckland just won't go away. Even as their top “leaders” have been arrested by New Zealand cops, fresh protests are planned for today by the group, who were this week evicted from their make-shift campsite in Aotea Square. Tvnz.co.nz

Meanwhile, in the middle of the US, the DesMoines Register reports that Occupy Des Moines will be leaving their encampment in Stewart Square on Sunday with plans to return to the state Capitol grounds.

The Homeless Center promised by the City of Providence to the protesters if they abandoned their encampment opened for business today. Boston.com

The “Providence solution” seems like one way to resolve protester / authority tensions. Another way is to simply coordinate a joint response as the US Conference of Mayors apparently did, after repeatedly denying coordination between US cities. A Freedom of Information Act request has now shown otherwise. Huffpost

On a (possibly) lighter note, technorati is reporting that the 27% are rebelling as well. This number, according to the US Census, represents the percentage of US adults living in “single relationship status.”