April 26, 2012 : Occupy Student Debt is a Global Phenomenon

Investmentnews.com hits a home run with its coverage today of all things May Day, summarizing OWS plans and the anticipated response by the nation's premier bankers and financiers. According to organizer Marisa Holmes, a member of OWS' May Day planning committee, the goal is to “kick off the Spring Offensive and go directly to where the financial elite play and plan.” Media commentators like Mother Jones and The Atlantic chip in with analysis, saying for Occupy, the stakes are high.

Banks make donations of laptops and other technology to the NYPD and are employing other security to track protesters movements online.

Information sharing across police and intelligence agencies of Americans' private online data is a hot topic generally these days. Specific legislation in the form of CISPA (Cyber Intelligence and Sharing Act) continues to generate controversy. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez continue their conversation with network security analyst and activist Jacob Appelbaum and the ACLU's Michelle Richardson Democracynow.org

Occupy stages actions in 20 different cities nation-wide, focusing on student debt, as the tab for American students crosses the $1 Trillion threshold.

Some protesters note they or their children are work the same job they had before the degree, such as a Mom sporting the number $40,000 on a black gown, which is the amount her daughter, who still works as a a waitress, now owes. Huffpost

In spite of the exorbitant debt figures, The Prez says college is still the way to go, given all the facts and figures. Late Tuesday, the Prez dropped in on forever bubbly late night host Jimmy Fallon (the show was taped) toslow jam the newson student debt, driving Fallon to his highest ratings in 2 years. Washington Post

Tracking continued board room/shareholder activism is CNN Money , who have summarized the initiatives underway at various US and Global companies.

9 ACT UP advocates formed a human blockade at Wall Street and Broadway, urging a Robin Hood tax for financial transactions to be added to New York City's revenues. The protesters, who chained themselves together in front of the Trinity Church, want the tax to subsidize AIDS research and treatment, as well as affordable housing. ACT UP and an Occupy sub-group joined together for the demonstration. The Nation

Cities/Encampments :

Under the radar is Occupy Delaware, who have managed to hang in for the last 5 months. The group now has orders to evict by May 1st from the Wilmington Mayor and says if evicted, they will sue. We'll stay tuned. Delawareonline.com

Back in court is Occupy Philly, where 31 demonstrators arrested for resisting arrest during the closing of the encampment are will answer misdemeanor charges. Timesonline.com

Occupy Little Rock faces similar circumstances, negotiating with the mayor to find new digs as their special permit for their current encampment near the downtown post office and I-30 expires. Kuar.org

The Occupy New Haven encampment is officially history and Yale Daily News reports that the clean-up has begun

From the Left Coast, activists inspired by Occupy Oakland encourage development of a different sort on a UC-Berekely owned tract, planting their own renegade farm and resisting a Whole Foods and for-profit Senior Housing development plan. After the occupiers plant crops and rotate soil, police arrive on the land known as “Gill Tract,” but no arrests are made. Sfgate.com(Video above)

Also from the Left Coast, charges stemming from a Nov. 9 UC-Berkeley rally have been dropped against four protesters at the urging of the school's chancellor. Dailycal.org

Global :

Occupy London appears rejuvenated and has plans afoot to Occupy the British Bankers Association meeting, as well as the Tube during the May 1st Celebration/General Strike londonist.com. The Brit bankers meet May 15. businessweek

Finally, the student debt crisis is a global phenomenon, as evidenced by the surge in support for Occupy Dataran, which expects nearly 500,000 demonstrators this weekend on April 28 to “sit-in” for lower student fees as a way to address soaring personal debt. Occupy Dataran tells us their platform consists of four primary demands : reducing or eliminating entirely education fees, the right to reclaim public assembly, as well as free and fair elections and workers rights. Globalvoicesonline.org