June 8, 2012 : Continental Congress 2.0 is July 4th, Occupy Suit Advances

The legal machine grinds on : OWS protesters arrested in last year's vast Brooklyn Bridge rally may go forward with their claims against the NYPD but U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff dismisses Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commish Ray Kelly from the suit. OWS is claiming NYPD conducts “false arrests” on made-up charges to clear the street and spare the inconvenience. With the general of “his own private army” excused from the proceedings, the ruling creates the curious case of the 99% suing the 99%,. Washington Post

Speaking of false arrest on manufactured charges, word from the Alameda County DA office that 7 of the 9 arrested protesters at Occupy the Farm, the UC-Berkeley land occupation, will not be charged. A spokesperson says Prosecutors are declining to file charges “in the interest of justice. Sacbee.com

UC-Berkeley police and campus honchos also take it on the chin in a report issued by a Campus Police Review Board committee who criticize police brutality towards demonstrators and occupiers last year, finding footage of repeated baton strikes to bent-over students, “particularly disturbing.” ap, onenewsnow.com

Further North in Fresno, a resolution, Occupy Fresno agrees to drop their pending lawsuit which claimed the city violated their constitutional rights, in exchange for being allowed to demonstrate overnight for three nights “each year.” The city will also pay the protester's attorneys fees. Mercurynews.com

With its ongoing dissent and action, Occupy harkens back to and evokes the American Revolution. It is fitting then that on July 4th holiday, two simultaneous conventions will take place in the City of Brotherly Love, namely, the National Gathering which promises to be Occupy's giant general planning session, and Continental Congress 2.0, to represent the needs of the 99%

(Mainstream journalists hungry for “specifics” may read the 99% Declaration.)

Joining them after a nearly month long drive across the United States – what's more American than piling the kids into the car for an insanely long drive on a hot summer's day (see video above, contains language) – will be the Occupy Caravan scheduled to leave the West Coast from San Francisco and LA on June 11 and arrive in Philly on July 4th. Any vehicle may join the Caravan, which plans demonstrations and non-violent protests along the way. Municipal cops needn't worry, as safe, non-camping sleeping arrangements are already planned. Sfbg.com

Occupy Central has been asked to leave their squatting spot in front of HSBC in Hong Kong. No deadline has been set though, and for now, the demonstrators say they're staying. Occupy Central shares the space with long-standing protesters demanding compensation from failed former financial behemoth Lehman Brothers for failed structured notes they purchased that are linked to the firm. The groups have set up their own exchange of goods and services.

Bookstore owner and organizer JoJo Wong, 22, explains : "We don't normally talk about sharing anymore in this capitalistic society, everything needs to be exchanged at a certain cost," said Wong. "We don't like this idea. That's why we offer free music, books and lessons at the very heart of the financial center." sfgate.com

Finally, the Volvo Ocean Race gets back underway tomorrow as yachts make way for Galway and the Global Racing Village. High stakes and rough rides anticipated for Leg 8 sprint to Galway. bymnews.com. Readers will recall Occupy Galway was evicted from its digs in Eyre Square to make way for the racers and their entourage. Veteran Irish rockers Thin Lizzy headline 8 nights of free music scheduled to take place at the village. irishindependent.com