UNITE HERE New York-New Jersey Joint Board

The New York New Jersey Regional Joint Board has been in existence for 93 years, and has grown and evolved with the times. Today we represent thousands of workers in nearly every sector of society; everything from textiles, plastics, retail, hotels, health care and more. This includes companies like Hilton Hotel, Duane Reade, Johnson and Johnson, Barney’s, Brooks Brothers, Xerox and hundreds more! The goal of our Union is to grow. Only through that growth can we remain strong; after all, that has been the basic philosophy of our Union for over 93 years. Only through that growth, can we maintain our rights and voices in the work place. Read More...


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10 years 43 weeks ago

April 23, 2008

On Friday, March 28th, 2008, a strong group of leaders at the Heldrich Center in New Brunswick delivered a petition to their company's Vice President, demanding respect for their right to organize a union and an end to increased surveillance and intimidation targeted towards union activists. read more
Workers at the Hilton East Brunswick have won an important victory on the issue of vacation pay for non-tipped hotel workers! read more

April 1, 2008