Occupy Update November 3, 2011

The big story of the day is Occupy Oakland and the shut down of the Port of Oakland.

The Nation has been providing extensive coverage of OWS since it began. Richard Kim has an in-depth analysis of where the movement has been and where it is going in this month's issue.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, says he is not losing sleep over OWS.

One of the early organizers of OWS talks about how the occupation was planned and how they are working with Occupy movements across the country.

Unions and OWS are planning to rally on Wall Street to call for the so-called “Robin Hood tax”.


How much responsibility do business schools bear for the current economic crisis? Paul Shrivastava in an op-ed piece in today's Montreal Gazette argues for stronger ethics training.

Will Pavia has the strange but true tale about how a former derivatives trader named Vlad Teichberg become one of the original members of OWS in today's Australian.

A Philadelphia Daily News poll shows that Tea Party support is down, while Occupy support is up.

In Toronto unions have donated large tents known as yurts to that Occupy movement to help them ride out the Canadian winter.

Finally, Time asks if Occupy Oakland is stealing OWS's mojo.