Occupy Update November 4, 2011

Arthur S. Brisbane, the “reader's representative” of the New York Times, asks some probing questions about how the Occupy movement should be covered in his Public Editor Journal.

In a column for Project Syndicate, Columbia University Professor and Nobel Laureate of Economics Joseph E. Stiglitz puts OWS in the context recent worldwide events.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has a disturbing story about reporters, especially for non-traditional media, being arrested at Occupy events across the country.

An insurance underwriting website has an interesting story about liability issues at the public and private spaces where Occupy protests are happening.

Not just for kids. The OWS coloring book.

OWS has set up “The Street Vendor Project” to help the local food carts that have been hurt financially by the protests in Liberty Square.

Unlike many other previous protests, white blue-collar workers appear to be on board with OWS.

One unanswered question so far is how OWS will affect next year's presidential election. In Iowa, activists plan to “Occupy” both the Republican and Democratic party caucuses.

It's not just young people at OWS.

The Center for American Progress has an interview with Michael Sean Winters, a reporter for the National Catholic Reporter, that touches extensively on OWS.