Occupy Update November 11, 2011


More violence has marked the Occupy Oakland Encampment. Details are still coming. The latest incident comes on the heels of police crackdown across the bay at Occupy Berkeley that was filmed by the protestors and quickly circulated (raw video). In light of the incident, Occupy Cal is now calling for a general strike. The Berkeley Chancellor issued a statement.

In Burlington, VT, the Mayor intervened after an alleged shooting in a tent to try to calm tensions between protestors and police.

Occupy your TV? Slate Magazine reports on television ads that OWS has been running (even on Fox!!) and the unique way they paid for them.

Apparently it's never too early to run negative ads. Noah Bierman writes in the Boston Globe that a political action committee (PAC) headed by Karl Rove has spent almost $600,000 attempting to tie Democratic senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren to the worst elements of the Occupy movement. (The article points out that PACs have been running ads critical of Senator Scott Brown as well).

Will OWS be Time's Person of the Year.

Alex Klein in New York Magazine has a profile of OWS's finance committee.

In the latest Occupy protest, tiny protesters have occupied Lego Land.

DNAinfo.com tells of a NYC art gallery that is running an exhibit of OWS photographs.

Even long standing protests like the annual “SOA Watch” in Ft. Benning, GA are taking a page from the Occupy movement.

Jeff Sharlet has an article on the beginnings of OWS in this month's Rolling Stone.

What effect is the Occupy movement having on the wealthy? The Wall Street Journal has an interview with a former Citigroup CEO who is downsizing and says it is good time for wealthy Americans “to be quiet”.

The Huffington Post has set up a program to track the growth of Occupy protests through Facebook.

The Washington Post's On Faith column has an interview with Dr. Cornel West about OWS.

Matt Sledge has a story on the tentative start of OWS and how it became a world wide movement in the Huffington Post.

Jay-Z is coming out with a line of OWS clothes.

Finally, is Occupy Harvard the first exclusive protest? Harvard University has restricted access only to those with valid student IDs.