Occupy Update November 13, 2011

truth-out.org has “Ten Ways The Occupy Movement Changes Everything”


Are evictions of Occupy camps coming? The ones in Oakland and Salt Lake City seem to be in the most immediate danger of being shut down.

Good news. According to Reuters, former Marine Scott Olsen, who was seriously injured at Occupy Oakland, has been released from the hospital.

Arthur S. Brisbane, who writes the Public Editor column for the New York Times, has a fascinating look at how the paper has covered OWS and where their coverage is going next.

The Occupy movement has come to Germany with large protests in Frankfurt and Berlin.

Elizabeth Flock has been posting updates from the OWS march on Washington for the Washington Post.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg may not see eye to eye with OWS on most issues, but he apparently agrees with them on repealing the Bush-era tax cuts.

NPR's All Things Considered asks what the Occupy movement says about the so-called Millennial generation and their future.

The NJ Star-Ledger posted a letter to the editor from a combat veteran who says he “gets” OWS.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, in an Op-Ed for the New York Times, asks if this is the beginning of a new Progressive Era.

The New Republic has this profile of Adbusters, the group widely credited with starting the call to Occupy Wall Street.