The Boston Marathon Massacre

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Once more, the shock, once more the disbelief.

A 117 year old tradition, a rite of Spring, runners from around the world competing in the elite Boston Marathon.

This year it is different. The wheel of violence stops on this annual scene of joy and celebration, marking it with scenes of carnage associated with foreign battlefields, capitals and cities in Europe, or Israel and Palestine, or the ethnic conflict and blood-soaked lands of Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Wherever terror has marked and defamed.

This time, it takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, the cradle of the American Revolution. The attack occurs on Patriots Day, a day when Mass. citizens get a three day weekend, while the rest of the nation submits federal income taxes to the IRS. A day normally reserved to herald warmer weather, watch a Boston Red Sox game at 11AM, and celebrate the personal accomplishments of runners who trained all year for a day of athletic achievement and recognition.

The reprieve is no more as this city, in 2013 still a large town, or collection of neighborhoods, is now marked by terror as so much of the rest of the world. NY Times

Video at the scene depicts runners hitting the deck at the finish line while cops lunge for their revolvers. Loud bangs and smoke fill Copley Square. In the blast aftermath, Boston's cell network goes down as frantic families reach out. vice

As of late Monday morning, the death toll stands at 3, likely more to come. The injured list is at 175, and rapidly climbing. Many of those injured lose limbs or face amputation.Young Martin Richard, 8 years old, who liked to play baseball and ride his bike, is mourned huffingtonpost

Those with the stomach for unbelievable photos of the carnage snapped by, among others, Globe photographer John Tlumacki may view the entire set at

All present are struck by citizens and workers rushing “towards the blast” in the immediate aftermath, placing themselves at risk to save those at the center of the explosions.

Early responders and healthcare workers at the Boston Medical Center and other hospitals face lock downs and battlefield conditions synonymous with Iraq or Afghanistan. In Baghdad, over the weekend, its just business as usual as bombs claim the lives of 31 citizens while wounding over 200 people. Most of the world lives with this every day. BBC

Including Mogadishu, Somalia, where a suicide bomber attack on the  fragile country's Supreme Court kills 20 the same weekend. Guardian

A stroke of luck, if it can be called that : medical tents are already set up on the premises. As always, they are there to supply medical assistance to the runners. Without the on-premise facilities and the proximity of the world's elite hospitals, healthcare workers, and emergency personnel - no one doubts it could be far worse.

With any blast, we brace for the inevitable sadness, the tragic stories of loss and mourning that emerge. Also for the blame game as authorities and establishment media focus attention on those responsible.


NY Post gets right in on it, focusing on an alleged detained Saudi citizen, which the BPD quickly calls untrue. inquisitr


The Prez acknowledges the horror, and makes the usual promise (read : threat) that those responsible will “ feel the full weight of justice.” Or retribution, whichever comes first. Boston

The timing of the explosion – Patriots and Tax Day - appears curious, if not outright suspicious. Esquire Sports Scribe Charlie Pierce sits in with Amy Goodman on Democracynow

Goodman also goes in depth with Carlos Arredondo, the now viral “man in the hat” witnessed helping others. In 2004, Arredondo’s son, Marine Lance Cpl. Alexander S. Arredondo, died in battle in Najaf, Iraq. NBC News

Pierce, who attends the event, says the two very worst words in the English language in the bloody aftermath are “secondary device.” Esquire

Pierce also points out that Patriots Day has been appropriated by “the political wildness of our times.” Other terror explosives experts focus on the crude, amateur nature of the devices, as initial tests reveal no traces of C-4 or other high-grade explosive material. CNN

Athletes and luminaries often attend the Marathon. Former New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions Tedy Bruschi and Joe Andruzzi are there and witness the blast. Andruzzi is no stranger to terrorism. He had three brothers present as first responders at 9-11. Video and photos show him assisting, carrying victims at the scene. espn

Pats receiver Danny Amendola already is in on the relief effort, pledging to make contributions for each catch made this season USA Today

Meanwhile, Bostonians want a vigil but cops say it's too early, stay home as the city tries to recover huffpost

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