Shock Turns to Strength, Resolve

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Day 2. Shock turns to resolve and t-shirts urge Bostonians to stay strong. The word goes out : you've messed with the wrong city. Around the nation, across the globe, cities rally to Boston's side and a message of empathy is delivered. Daily News

The tragedy transcends traditional sporting allegiances. Chicago Trib says we are Chicago Celtics, we are Chicago Patriots, etc. The image is striking, as striking as the one below, as the world rallies to the side of Boston the latest victims of terror. Inquisitr


Sports figure prominently in Boston, which loves to remind the rest of the country that its the “City of Champions.” Athletes and coaches alike weigh in with wishes of support and sympathy, such as Red Sox slugger David Ortiz – currently on a rehab stint in Pawtucket with the club's Triple A team weei

Yankee Stadium, and its fans, for one night, stand with Boston, singing along to Neil Diamond's “Sweet Caroline,” the cheesy Sox anthem formerly seen as long overdue for retirement – until Monday. Other stadiums and clubs follow suit, offering tributes of their own. sportingnews

The BoSox own network, NESN, oft-criticized for chronic cheer leading, this time rises to the occasion. Head MC Tom Caron deftly segues between grisly news reports and sports the day of the tragedy. It remains, even to its tragic extent, and with its alleged political dimensions - a sports story.

Caron's skillful approach is mirrored the next day by NESN anchors, who tactfully present local athletes and coaches offering sympathy and commiseration, including Jon Lester, who tweets he's proud to wear the Red Sox jersey, and Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers, driving to the finish line after practice when the bombs went off. Boston Herald

On the network's site, Mike Cole pens a moving tribute. He promises the tragedy will “Reaffirm Notion That Boston Is City of Champions, With Sports Playing an Integral Role.” Nesn

Equally compelling are the words of running scribe Roger Robinson who writes that a Marathon is inherently about good will and citizenship. He notes the race's history of rising to the occasion, such as using an air horn this year (instead of the traditional starter's gun) to honor the Newtown victims, whose families were not far from the blast. Runners World

Several runners came from Newtown to compete in the race, dedicating each mile to a victim, and then sprinting the last 385 yards to the finish “as we ran that day” according to Dr. Laura Nowacki, parent of a Sandy Hook survivor. The blast takes place a short distance from the Newtown memorial marker at mile 26. Nowacki announces via Facebook post that her team is okay and survives the blast. CBS News

Locally, young Martin Richard, 8, of Dorchester, is mourned in a community vigil. The family itself is hard hit by the blast, with Martin's mother and sister also sustaining massive injuries. On the eve of a Presidential visit, Mass. Governor Deval Patrick urges 'sensitivity toward each other” and announces “the city will recover.”.

Bill Richard, Martin's father, releases the following statement :

My dear son Martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on Boston. My wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries...We thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers. I ask that you continue to pray for my family as we remember Martin.’’

Reporters Chris Krikham and Michael Mclaughlin have the details on the Dorchester and Interfaith vigils that take place around the city Tuesday night. The sentiments of those present are best summed up by Rev. Kim Crawford Harvie who reminds "Love is bigger than anger. Love is bigger than fear. Love wins.” huffpost

Tallying the human cost, the death toll now hovers at 3. Word of more may be on the way. The official casualty list includes 176 injured. The latest victim lost is identified as BU grad student Lu Lingzi, a Chinese national. China releases a statement that it “denounces and opposes any kind of bombing that is targeted at civilians.” huffpost

The second person identified as killed is Krystle Campbell, 29, from Medford. Campbell attended the University of Massachusetts-Boston and Medford High School. Her grief-stricken parents describe her to reporters as “caring and loving...she worked so hard at whatever she did.” npr

Campbell was attending the event and was at the finish line to greet her boyfriend with a friend, Karen Rand. Rand survives the blast but is said to be in surgery for potentially life-threatening injuries. Yahoo News

In terms of the investigation, no one claims responsibility, it moves forward, mostly shrouded in silence. Naturally, bits of info drop through-out the day as the tips flow in. A man seen on a rooftop, a black nylon bag left by the finish line. In the internet age, authorities sift through millions of photos and hours of video, as details about the  explosive devices, of which there were two, emerge.

BPD Commish Ed Davis refers to the crime scene as "the most complex crime scene that we've dealt with in the history of our department."

The FBI urges the community to cooperate by providing information. Someone knows who did this, says Rick DesLauriers, the Special Agent in charge. Citizens comply sending photos and footage and calling in tips. CNN

With the FBI leading to the investigation, bomb materials are recovered, revealing the criminal devices as “homemade claymores.” In other words, crude anti-personnel devices designed to spray shrapnel over as far a distance as possible to maximize casualties. NBC News

There's no doubting the strength and resolve of healthcare workers, surgeons, and emergency personnel, not to mention ordinary citizens and workers, who immediately rushed toward the blast to save lives. The battlefield conditions faced by health and emergency personnel are being documented. Surgeons describe the agonizing consensus they need to form prior to amputation. They note that while they have experience with such injuries, they have never been witnessed to this extent.

Updates on the injured roll in. Doctors are performing 8 more surgeries today, including on a 5 year old boy who continues to struggle for life. bostonherald

Some of the attendant medical professionals, said Julie Dunbar, a chaplain at Beth Israel, were faced with “more trauma than most ever see in a lifetime, more sadness, more loss.” NY Times

As of now the investigation appears to be focusing on domestic suspects with possible international angles.

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