You're Asking the Wrong Question, Jacob

Jacob - Are we going under?

Louis - You're asking the wrong question, Jacob.

Jacob - What's the right question?

Louis - Who isn't.

Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps (vid)

At the capital, all systems down, the United States a no-go for the moment, as the nation's business stops. No word yet if the Prez has tried - or if it works yet  (it did when we tried yesterday). politico

We're down too then. Damned if we work while our congressmen and women get another paid vacation. A few sane ones, the venerable John Lewis and Bernie Sanders do what any honorable rep should : take to the street. Launch a protest, visit a national park, or comfort a federal worker forced to work under one of the government's many outsourced contracts - read: boon for the investors - for eight or nine bucks an hour. salon

Filibusterin' Ted Cruz won't be taking advantage of the system that he's "entitled to but not covered by." He skates by on his wife's coverage, provided by none other than the Lords of Finance, in particular one Lloyd Blankfein. He earns it, too. daily kos

No, we'll break our silence,  though we be drowned out by media congloms who trade nightly air punches. The reality being there's nearly nothing left to say : you're either covering the United States' corporate coup d'etat  - or you're not. At least that's what one former cabinet secretary intimates.

It seems fitting, somehow, amidst the charade, that erudite film critic Stanley Kauffman, the writer who once termed Casablanca (1942) "a slushy romance,"  checks out, at age 97. He was writing 'til the end. NY Times

It's no country for old men but we might be in better hands were the greatest generation and/or their direct descendants still in charge. Or the generation that started Occupy, who move from the court-room to starting their own pre-paid Visa card. bloomberg

This as the last cases of disorderly conduct brought by Bloomie and his "private army" get tossed by the Manhattan DA who says they don't have enough evidence to proceed.

The final scorecard of Bloomberg vs. Occupy Wall Street, then:

Arrests : 2,600
Cases Brought to Trial : 68
Convictions : 53


Even more fitting :  Amy Goodman's hour-long sit down with the legendary Costa Garvas, he of the two Academy Awards for Missing (1982) and Z (1967)

Garvas, like any sane Westerner his age (80), considers the current era one of collectively-induced madness, inspired by a financial system about to come off the rails.

His new film covers the topic of the moment, Capital. Telling his host that "every film is political" whether it wants to be or not, the wise old Greek exposes the nonsense of Hollywood's new (old) model, saying that making films such as Z and Missing is "no longer possible."

Garvas however also sees hope. Hollywood's "big budget Monster movies"  are coming to an end, he says. democracynow

Art may be all we have left. The Prez loves metaphor, and deploys as many as humanly possible in an attempt to crack - or at least mitigate - the current stalemate. But his co-party in governing, the GOP, is not listening. Washington Post

The Prez, searching for what his adversaries want, finally arrives at the same answer Shia LaBoeuf got. (vid)

Berkeley Prof. Robert Reich has been on the inside. He didn't last long as Dems 20 years ago fell over each to make bed-fellows with Robert Rubin, Sandy Weil and their ilk, though politics was the last thing on their mind. Exiting the political wilderness post-Reagan-Bush was the order of the day. Reich, whose early lessons in political education began when a high school friend was murdered while protecting civil rights workers steps out in front first.


Shrill Brit Piers Morgan gives Reich a chance to take on the ethically-challenged Newt Gingrich, who knows a thing or two about shutdowns. CNN

NBC News stumbles upon the answer, like a drunk hitting his toe on the toilet, calling the proceedings "the beginning of the end. " They're taken in by future Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's "olive branch." He looks nice, so he must be sincere.  NBC News

The Prez takes to the stump. After all, this wasn't part of the deal. Dems bring the traditionally ignored and under-served (read: women, workers, gay and brown Americans) consumers to the Street (Wall and Madison) and we're good, right? Now it's sincere outrage as the street -and its backers - demand more ransom. But among the holy triumvirate of Washington, Wall St, and big-time Corporate America (CA) some get itchy. It's one thing to let children play with loaded guns, quite another to allow the politicos to fuck up the global financial system. The word comes down finally, clean it up fast. CNN

Those interested in the gory details are encouraged to check out Liz Iacobucci's neat dissection at NH Labor News  as well as Danny Schecter who lends, typically, sanity and historical perspective. Epoch Times

photo: espn

Texans QB Matt Schaub had shit written all over his face during Sunday night's merciless drubbing by the 49ers; god only knows what he looks like when he allegedly confronts an "angry mob" outside his home, supposedly angered by his lackluster play. Houston Cops later tweet that the story is a fabrication, which belies : sure, it could happen here. ESPN

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