Occupy Update November 8, 2011

Eric Lowitt writes in the Harvard Business Review that companies should listen to OWS.

In the Huffington Post, Joy Resmovits reports on the first ever OWS General Assembly on education and how it led to “Occupy the DOE (Department of Education)” in New York City.

Some members of OWS are planning to “Occupy the Highway” by participating in a 200 mile two week march starting on November 9th from Liberty Square in NYC to join with Occupy DC in McPherson Square on November 23rd to call on the Congressional Deficit Reduction Super-Committee to reject the extension of tax cuts that primarily “benefit the top 1%”.

OWS has its generators back. Their legal team got the NYC Fire Department to return them after they were confiscated on October 28th. They had been relying on bicycle power since then. 

Public News Services asks whether a Senate vote on “net neutrality” could affect protests like OWS that rely heavily on the internet and social media.

Politico reports on Reverend Jesse Jackson's comparison of the Occupy movement to the civil rights one and the controversy it has caused among some of the Martin Luther King's family.

Slate asks if OWS is part of a cultural shift towards ethical behavior among young people.

Latino leaders joined with labor unions and elected officials to march almost the entire length of Manhattan in support of OWS.

USA Today's Faith & Reason column reports on a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute that finds widespread support for the ideas of OWS.

The San Francisco Business Times has an interview with former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich who says OWS is not a “class war”.

American Public Media's Marketplace reports on how OWS plans to ride out the NYC winter.

Of all the celebrity appearances at Occupy events, ice cream makers Ben and Jerry showing up in DC to hand out free ice cream may have been the most welcome.

Finally, the Huffington Post explores how the Guy Fawkes mask from the V for Vendetta movie became a symbol for the Occupy Movement around the world.