Occupy Update 11-10-2011

Brooklyn Link has a peek inside the “super secret media lair” of OWS as well as a profile of their media team.

KQED has the story of a teacher who brought the lessons of the Occupy movement to her 8th grade science class as well how educators across the country are using it as a teaching tool.

Jake Paysour writes for The Center for American Progress on the similarity between recent statements from the Catholic Church and the demands of OWS.

Corporate Counsel magazine reports that Wall Street bonuses will be down this year and asks if OWS and public opinion played a part.

The Washington Post reports on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s 70th birthday celebration with civil rights leaders which turned into an examination of OWS.

As Occupy movements raise money, the question has arisen about where to put it. Amid much controversy Occupy Oakland has deposited $20,000 with Wells Fargo.

Talk about true commitment. Occupy Anchorage vows to ride out the Alaska winter.

According to Bloomberg News, OWS has begun to occupy the political debate.

The International Business Times reports on a high-tech tool the NYPD is using to keep watch on OWS 24/7.

The New York Times had an interesting story yesterday about how the labor movement is rediscovering their activist roots from the Occupy movement.

MoveOn.org has teamed up with former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich to produce weekly videos about the current economic situation. The first one was filmed at Occupy San Francisco and can be viewed here.

It's not too soon to think about how OWS will be viewed historically.

John Feffer asks in a column for truth-out.org if the new mayor of Seoul, South Korea is the first politician to win on an Occupy platform.

Finally, what role did the Occupy movement play in Labor's victory in Ohio that restored collective bargaining rights to public employees.