Occupy Update November 15, 2011


Today's Democracy Now newscast offers live, on-site reporting and interviews, covering this morning's  Zucotti Park police raid and eviction of OWS, as well as updates and the protestors' next steps (Video).

Occupy Oakland has been raided and cleared by the police for the second time. After the first time it was cleared last month, protestors returned the next day and restarted the occupation. The top legal adviser to Mayor Quan of Oakland has resigned in protest.

According to the NY Daily News, OWS plans on “going all out” to celebrate the occupation's two month anniversary.

Dominic Tierney suggests in The Atlantic that OWS should wrap itself in the American flag.

Miranda Leitsinger reports for MSNBC on dissension among members of OWS with finances and representation being the main issues.

Former US Marine Scott Olsen, who was seriously injured at an Occupy Oakland confrontation with police, has made his first public statement since being released from the hospital.

Search Engine Watch says news websites are missing an opportunity to increase ad revenue in their coverage of the Occupy movement.

Sujatha Fernandes has a story in the Huffington Post about how OWS has plugged into an existing activist network in West Harlem to start to make effective change.

Slate has an interesting article by Peter Moskos about how the police feel about the Occupy movement.

Occupy protestors disrupted a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in DC.

What does Warren Buffet think of OWS?

Now even huge corporations like Lockheed-Martin are using OWS as a selling point.

Micah Sifry says in a column for CNN that “technology is reorganizing political movements”.

Verizon workers who are members of the Communication Workers of America (CWA) are marching from Albany to join with OWS.

In an Op-Ed piece for truth-out.org, Simon Johnson says trying to tie Massachusetts US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to OWS could backfire on Karl Rove.