Occupy Update November 17, 2011


The big story is where does OWS and the Occupy movement go from here now that they have been evicted from their home base of Zuccotti Park? The phrase of the day appears to be “You can't evict an idea”, but only time will tell if they are able to maintain momentum and command the daily attention of the media. An early test of the continued strength of OWS will be today's (November 17th) International Day of Action. There is some great commentary and suggestions in the Huffington Post, truth-out.org, truthdig, and Democracy Now!.

The International Business Times has an interview with a protestor who was arrested during the eviction. OccupyWallStreet.org has stories from people in police custody here and here.

There are competing discussions in the aftermath of the eviction about whether OWS is good or bad for President Obama and the Democrats.

The Gothamist has a story that the Department of Homeland Security helped coordinate evictions of Occupy camps around the country.

Occupy Baltimore activists interrupted a speech by Karl Rove at Johns Hopkins University.

Occupy Boston was granted a temporary restraining order against eviction.

In contrast to all the evictions of Occupy camps, Occupy Berkeley has been set up on that University of California campus.

Protestors in Seattle marching in support of OWS were pepper-sprayed by the police.

Is Occupy London the one to be evicted?