Occupy Update November 21, 2012

The two University of California-Davis police officers who used pepper spray on Occupy protestors on that campus have been placed on paid administrative leave. Meanwhile the campus police chief attempted to explain the actions of his officers.

Brian Wheeler of BBC News tells the story of the first night of OWS.

Occupy protestors have joined with SOA Watch at their annual protest in Fort Benning, GA.

Tommy Christopher has an interesting column in Mediaite about the struggles for many new media reporters in getting a NYC Police Press Card and its effect on covering stories like OWS.

The American Library Association has condemned the seizure of the OWS library.

In The National Law Journal Katherine Franke says that OWS should be concerned about the lawyers who help facilitate the deals on Wall Street as well as the financiers.

Nona Willis Aronowitz asks how will the Occupy protestors vote next year.

Matthew Arlyck talks about his experience as a Protest Chaplain at OWS in part 1 and part 2 of this blog for Faith and Reconciliation.

Albor Ruiz writes in the NY Daily News that NYC should be ashamed of their response to OWS.

Finally, laid-off chef Eric Smith plans Thanksgiving Day dinner for OWS.