Occupy Update : November 22, 2011

Occupy Your Thanksgiving Table. Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has Four Turkey Talk Tips for discussing the Occupy movement at your holiday dinner.

Kevin Young has a provocative column in The Indypendent that criticizes the media's coverage of OWS.

Alastair Smith in an opinion piece for CNN says, because large financial firm are beholden to a few insiders and large institutional investors, that the Occupy movement, or anyone else from the general public, has little influence in the decision-making process.

Allison Kilkenny writes for The Nation that creativity made OWS a new kind of protest movement.

Kicked out of Zuccotti Park, OWS brought the protest to NYC Mayor Bloomberg's house on Sunday night.

Reuters reports that two protestors from OWS are suing the NYPD.

Brian Selter writes in the NY Times about the difficulty the media is having covering OWS.

Truth-out.org has column by Andy Kroll that says OWS changed the conversation in the country and led to the big union victory in Ohio.

The Nieman Journalism Lab has an interesting analysis of the image of the police using pepper spray against UC-Davis students and what it means for the Occupy movement.