Occupy Update November 23, 2011

A lot has changed since Occupy the Highway left Zuccotti Park on November 9th to march to McPherson Square in Washington, DC to protest the congressional super-committee’s anticipated cuts to social programs. Despite not having a homebase to return to, and the failure of the super-committee to agree on anything, they have arrived and plan to rally today.

Sarwar Kashmeri wonders in this column for the Huffington Post if OWS is losing energy and focus.

President Obama responds to Occupy protestors who “mic-checked” him in NH.

Michael Powell writes in The New York Times about the sometimes contentious relationship between reporters and police in New York City.

According to the Huffington Post, OWS has received its highest level of press coverage in the week since being evicted from Zuccotti Park.

In another sign of the continuing strength of OWS, Democrats are still using them as a way to raise funds.

According to Gawker.com, the NYPD confiscated a truck used at OWS and now they cannot find it.

Finally, The Gothamist has the story and video of a lone citizen journalist who stayed during the raid on Zuccotti Park after all the other press had been removed by the police.