Occupy Update November 28, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: The Occupy encampments in Los Angeles and Philadelphia are under an order to evacuate. Follow this breaking story at Philly.com and LATimes.com.

Occupy Boston will be in Suffolk Superior Court to argue for an injunction to bar the City of Boston from removing them. The Boston Phoenix argues that this court hearing could determine the future of the movement.

Will the new round of UN climate talks beginning this week in South Africa be the target of Occupy-style protests?

Jason Zweig points out in The Wall Street Journal that bankers faced much harsher treatment in previous times.

The Huffington Post has a provocative story about how cities are treating Occupy protestors and the homeless differently.

Bloomberg (the magazine not the mayor) says it is time for OWS to come up with an agenda.

Truth-out.org asks if there can solidarity between Occupy protestors and the police.

Finally, The New York Times has a profile of Kalle Lasn the editor of Adbusters, the magazine widely credited with making the initial call to Occupy Wall Street.