Occupy Update November 30, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Occupy LA and Occupy Philly were cleared by the police last night. UWS will continue to follow this developing story.

Is Occupy Boston next? The City of Boston has filed a 200 page document laying out their arguments in favor of eviction.

Ali Hayat, founder of the Occupy Wall Street Public Opinion Project, reports on their work in The Huffington Post. They have a Facebook page and a Google site with more information.

Andrew Leonard has the story in Salon of how Wall Street occupied the Federal Reserve.

The On Faith column in The Washington Post tells how churches have been providing housing and other assistance to Occupy protestors.

Is Green Party presidential contender Jill Stein the first OWS candidate? It's safe to say Newt Gingrich is not.

George Lakoff, in an Op-Ed piece for Truth-Out.org, says the next step for the Occupy movement should be electoral politics.