Occupy Update December 1, 2011

CNN provides an exclusive look at the occupied office, just a few blocks from Zucotti and Wall Street.

In the Boston Globe, the two month anniversary of Occupy brings an analysis of a potential, upcoming shift in tactics.

Occupy Boston marched through the streets to celebrate their two month anniversary and on the eve of a court showdown with the city.

The Boston Herald cited on site public health inspections in an editorial aimed squarely at health and hygiene issues urging the city to "Drain the Swamp"

Miley Cyrus' supposed Occupy Wall Street support song and video stirs up mixed opinions, according to EW's Popwatch

Mayor Ed Lee has offered Occupy San Francisco an alternate site at a former school.

New York Magazine compares the leaderless OWS with Wikileaks which became overly identified with its leader.

Did the LAPD restrict media access before and during the raid on Occupy LA?

Is Occupy Our Homes one of the next steps for the Occupy movement?

The curators of the OWS library are looking for an explanation about why they were not given a chance to remove it safely and are trying to recover missing books.

Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica has the story of support for OWS among Wall Street insiders.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly was heckled over the raid at Zuccotti Park during an appearance at Columbia University.