Occupy Update December 5, 2011

The camp at Occupy Portland in Oregon was cleared by police on Saturday night. The protestors regrouped and marched on Sunday to several other locations in an attempt to set up tents. UWS News will stay on top of this developing story.

In another developing story, police and Occupy DC continue their standoff over a wooden structure the protestors set up at their camp in McPherson Square. So far 31 protestors have been detained by the police.

In a similar vein, the Boston Police Department say they will prohibit Occupy Boston from setting up a winterized tent today. A Suffolk University/Boston Globe finds support for Occupy Boston is divided along political and geographic lines.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a profile of Micah White, a senior editor at Adbusters, who could be considered one of the architects of OWS.

OWS may be evicted from Zuccotti Park, but they are not gone. They set up Occupy Broadway this weekend.

Finally, Bloomberg Businessweek has an interview with Gloria Steinem who gives her perspective on OWS.