Occupy Update December 2, 2011

Occupy Boston was victorious in Suffolk Superior Court yesterday when Judge Frances A. McIntyre said the original injunction prohibiting the City of Boston from removing them will remain in effect until she makes makes her final decision which will be no later than December 15th. UWS News will keep following this developing story.

Carol Rose, writing in the On Liberty blog for Boston.com, says that what has been taking place in Suffolk Superior Court has shown that democracy works.

The Washington Post has the story of where some of the OWS people who have been evicted hope to take the movement. National Public Radio asks if politics is one direction for them.

The Atlantic asks why people are still having such a hard time understanding OWS. Could it be they are not asking the right questions?

In a bit of a surprise, Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says OWS represents the frustrations of the middle-class.

Finally, in ThinkProgress.com, Zaid Jilani tells of a top Republican strategist who admits he is scared of OWS and offers suggestions on how to neutralize their message