Occupy Update December 6, 2011

Occupy Boston was rebuffed in their attempt to bring a fireproof, winterized tent to their Dewey Square camp. The protestors claim they are not receiving clear answers from the city about why the tent was not allowed.

Occupy Our Homes will hold events today in at least 25 cities to protest the foreclosure crisis.

Monique Ruffin writes in The Huffington Post that OWS is an opportunity to look inward and for personal growth.

Take Back The Capitol, an affiliation of Occupy, labor, and community groups, has arrived in Washington, DC for 4 days of actions around the issue of unemployment. Longtime labor activist and UMASS-Boston professor Gary Zabel has a provocative Op-Ed in OpenMediaBoston.org that argues this event is a step back from the direct action of OWS.

J.A. Myerson asks in Truth-Out.org if the Occupy movement is being co-opted by the traditional left like the Democratic party and labor unions.

Chris Hedges puts OWS in an historical and religious context for TruthDig.com.

Will OWS be able to convert their movement into power at the ballot box? Will they even want to?

Finally, governors of two of the largest states are embracing key parts of OWS.