Occupy Update December 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Suffolk Superior Court Judge Frances McIntyre ruled against Occupy Boston, saying they have no right to stay indefinitely in Dewey Square. The Boston Herald says the city is already making plans to remove the protestors, who vow to fight any such effort, this weekend. UWS News will stay on top of this rapidly developing story.

The Financial Times reports on how OWS is moving its focus beyond Wall Street.

Sam Graham-Felsen has a warts and all profile of Occupy Boston in The Nation.

The police raided and cleared the camp at Occupy SF, arresting 70 people in the process.

Zaid Jilani in Salon tells what it took for congressional Tea Party leader Representative Joe Walsh to finally meet with an unemployed constituent for 20 minutes. At least that's better than Senator Joe Lieberman who only gave Connecticut activists 15 minutes.

Allison Kilkenny reports in The Nation on NYC Mayor Bloomberg's annual holiday press party at which both the mayor and members of the press appeared to mock OWS.

Oakland's City Council is expected to approve a contract with a private security firm to keep Frank Ogawa Park from being re-occupied at a cost of over $18,000 a day (which is $2,100 more a day than it has been costing to have the police do it).

Finally, Shelley DuBois, in a column for CNN/Money, argues that OWS does have a structure and it could be a model for others.