Video : Occupy Prepares to Defend/Leave Boston Encampment


"Whether people thought this was a negative thing that happened, or a positive thing, it's a mark in history...Something happened." William Krause, Occupy Boston

"I've learned that there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way...and that people are waking up." Emma O'Brien, Occupy Boston

Will this be the post-script to the Occupy Boston encampment??


Occupy Update December 9, 2011

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on how unions that work at West Coast ports may not be on board with the latest Occupy effort to blockade those ports.

Jules Lobel writes in an Op-Ed for on the future of the Occupy movement.

Matt Sky, in a column for, asks if OWS is “the biggest revolution in modern times”.

The Miami Herald has a story on how OWS is using an office to keep their operations running.

Some University of North Carolina students are protesting plans to have NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg as commencement speaker because of his role in removing OWS.

Mayor Bloomberg also got into a war of words with US Representative Jerry Nadler over his call for a Department of Justice investigation over New York City's handling of the raid on Zuccotti Park.

Finally, The New York Observer reports that OWS architect Kalle Lasn's upcoming book deal is just one of many being published on the Occupy movement.