Occupy Update : December 11, 2011


Cops Worked With Protestors in Boston
West Palm Beach (!) Moves

Why Small-Business Supports Occupy

In The Boston Herald, Peter Gelzinis details what led to the peaceful resolution and ultimate clearing of the Occupy Boston encampment, lauding Police Supt. Billy Evans and the City. The Herald also runs a piece by Weir, Wedge, and Algarin looking at what's next.

The Globe's McGrory concurs, lauding Mayor Thomas Menino whose tactics differed from other Mayors nation-wide, who thanked protestors for shining a “much-needed light, still needed, on the growing economic inequality in this country.”

Kay Lazar from the Boston Globe's Metro Desk, details the specifics of the communications strategy employed by Evans and Occupy Boston's core group.

A New Sanctioned Spot : from the Palm Beach Post News : Sunday morning in Florida. The West Palm Beach Occupy Encampment (!), under threat of removal, begins their move to a different location. Allison Bannon, of Loxahatchee, states the group will “remain non-violent, non-confrontational...it's about being part of the community.”

Truthout looks at the Occupy Portland Encampment through a series of images photographed by Lance Page and Jared Rodriguez from the different encampments.

In the aftermath of the encampments, Oklahoma small-business owner Sandy Clemens writes in the Norman Transcript why Occupy exists and the message they need to convey.