Occupy Update December 12, 2011

A coalition of West Coast Occupy movements is hoping to shut down ports from San Diego to Anchorage today. Port unions are split on this one. The Longshoremen are against it, and the Teamsters, who fighting represent non-union SSA Marine drivers, are in favor.

Occupy Boston held their second General Assembly at the bandstand on the Boston Common since being evicted from Dewey Square. The ACLU and The National Lawyers Guild issued a joint statement regarding the police removal of the protestors.

The LAPD sent undercover officers to infiltrate Occupy LA.

In contrast to the peaceful Occupy Boston clearing, the Occupy SF one turned violent with 55 arrests.

Ray Lewis, the retired Philadelphia police officer who wore his old uniform to OWS rallies, has been chastised by the police commissioner and his union for his actions.

Finally, disgraced Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff says, among other things, in a series of emails to a New York Times reporter that he agrees with OWS that there is a lot of “rot in Washington and on Wall Street”.