Occupy Update December 13, 2011

Occupy protestors were successful in shutting down some ports at least temporarily on the West Coast in an effort called “Shut Down Wall Street On The Waterfront”. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters press released a letter of support from truck drivers involved in trying to organize a union at some of the ports. The Washington Post asks if these disruptions are something that will continue and expand throughout next year and affect the presidential election.

Blast Magazine has an inside look at Occupy Boston's final hours in Dewey Square. Meanwhile, the 46 protestors arrested peacefully during the eviction have been released from police custody (they will still have to return to court to answer charges) as Occupy Boston figures out their next steps. Governor Deval Patrick had nothing but praise for the protestors, police, and Mayor Menino.

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy estimates it will cost between $40K and $60K to repair Dewey Square, but Garrett Quinn in a Boston.com blog wonders if it was all that great before Occupy Boston took it over.

OWS was briefly across from their old home in Zuccotti Park before marching to nearby Goldman Sachs to protest. A “Madhouse” is expected in Manhattan Criminal Court as over 700 people given summonses for OWS-related activity begin to show up in court this week.

Chris Faraone writes in The Boston Phoenix that support for OWS is growing among the police despite their roles as enforcers.

In an opinion piece for The International Business Times, Tom Dworetzky says that OWS has changed the debate away from Grover Norquist and his “No Tax Pledge”.