Occupy Update December 14, 2011

Occupy Baltimore is the latest group to be evicted, but The Baltimore Sun says they were successful in raising important issues.

Just down I-95, a Republican congressman is asking if “political judgments” are playing a role in the Department of the Interior allowing Occupy DC to remain in McPherson Square.

Attorney Paul Izzo writes that Occupy Boston raised important constitutional issues. Meanwhile most of the protestors arrested at Dewey Square received one year probation.

The Port of Oakland is beginning to return to operations after protestors relented after stopping three consecutive shifts from working. There have been questions about whether or not unions at this port (and others along the West Coast) who have been trying to organize workers there supported the action.

Occupy Wall Street 2.0? There is discussion among OWS about attempting to occupy Duarte Square, a lot owned by Trinity Church. The Episcopal church has supported the protestors but opposes any attempt to occupy the lot because of safety concerns.

In an opinion piece for The Christian Science Monitor, Luke Glowacki, who just returned from anthropological fieldwork in Africa, says the Occupy movement must work for the change they seek.

Just in time for the holiday season, Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts writes in The Huffington Post that Advent and OWS have a lot in common.