Occupy Update December 15, 2011

A Manhattan judge refused to throw out dozens of summonses given to some of the 200 OWS protestors in court today.

Occupy Oakland is pondering their next move after their successful port shutdown.

Now that Occupy Boston has been evicted from Dewey Square, some of the activists have been bringing their message to the suburbs.

The New York Times has sent a letter of protest to the NYPD over the treatment of a freelance photographer at a Goldman Sachs protest by OWS on Monday.

The Associated Press asks if the Occupy movement is starting to show some cracks, but Dana Jasilli in Technorati says they show “no signs of losing steam”.

Mark Green writes in The Huffington Post that one goal of OWS should be a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Massachusetts Congressman James McGovern recently introduced just such an amendment in the US House.

Occupy the ballot box? Katrina vanden Heuvel writes in The Nation that now is the time for progressives to recruit and support what she calls 99 percenter candidates.

Finally, a planned meeting between The Congressional Progressive Caucus and OWS was canceled after word of the meeting leaked out.