Occupy Update December 16, 2011

Justin Elliott examines the balance sheet of OWS in Salon. You can find the information on the Accounting Working Group here.

What's next for Occupy Boston? The Boston Phoenix says it includes working with coalitions.

The Washington Post points out that faith is becoming a major part of the Occupy movement.

Occupy Woolworth's. Bob Simpson has the story of how women occupied their workplace in 1937 and caught the attention of the country.

Have wages in the financial sector risen higher than the average since the government bailout? Howard Wial of The New Republic takes a look at the data and says yes.

The New York Times talks about how Occupy Frankfurt is much different than the ones in the US.

In The Washington Post, Greg Sargent says recent Pew Research poll data supports the concerns of OWS.

Finally, Barbara and John Ehrenreich wrote this opinion piece for Tom Dispatch/The Nation on how the collapse of the middle class led to the rise of the 99%.