Occupy Update December 22, 2011

Occupy the Parade of Roses : Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore are expected to join other activists traveling to Pasadena.

Further North, The San Francisco Chronicle reports nearly half of Occupy Berkeley has left, after receiving a quit order last night.

Occupy Iowa Caucus now has a building in Des Moines to host activists and coordinate protests for the caucuses. Occupy protestors also disrupted a Newt Gingrich press event in Iowa. UWS News will continue to cover this developing story.

An independent probe will examine police actions at the clearing of Occupy Oakland and the shutdown of the Port of Oakland by protestors. The Oakland City Council rejected calls for a more aggressive police response to the protests.

Max Abelson in Bloomberg says that members of the 1% have formed The Job Creators Alliance to combat OWS.

Tyler Kingdale has a story in The Huffington Post about how unions and the Occupy movement have been working together despite not always being on the same page.

Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer is proposing a new group named We Own Wall Street that acknowledges the reality that most Wall Street money is controlled by the public through pensions and mutual funds and proposes ideas on how to use that power.

Finally, in The Awl, Michelle Dean profiles the hardy few struggling to save and properly archive the material from OWS.