Occupy Update December 27, 2011

Mayor Jean Quan tells the San Francisco Chronicle she cannot guarantee keeping the Port of Oakland open if there is another shutdown attempt by Occupy Oakland. In related news, the protestors are planning an occupation of a still unnamed building on January 28th. UWS News has previously reported that moving indoors is looking more and more like the next step to the Occupy movement.

Vanessa Veselka tells the story of how she was inspired by the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 to attempt to organize a union at Amazon.com and how her experiences might offer some lessons for the Occupy movement.

NPR reports on how police responded to Occupy protests around the country.

William D. Cohan writes in a column for Bloomberg that fewer Ivy league graduates are taking Wall Street jobs and that more are going into teaching.

Djelloul Marbrook in an editorial for The Student Operated Press argues that the Occupy movement should use the power of the Freedom of Information Act to reveal the secrets of government.

Finally, Matt Taibbi argues in his Rolling Stone blog that reason behind the anger at the 1% is not that they are rich but that they have stopped acting like citizens. (Pay special attention to the story near the end of the piece where it is revealed that when JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was looking for a bailout he was also serving as chairman of the NY Federal Reserve which voted for that bailout).