Occupy Update December 28, 2011

Re: Occupy Boston, a report today says the BPD has subpoenaed accounts from Twitter, to identify the source of alleged threats made against department personnel.

Occupy Olympia and the Alliance for Global Justice are in the planning stages for the Occupy Solidarity Social Forum (OSSF) 2012 to be held February 18-19 in Olympia, WA. The purpose is to bring together Occupy protestors from across the country for “conversation, collaboration and education”.

Justin Elliott reports in Salon.com on the newest offshoot of the Occupy movement called InterOccupy which is a loose confederation of the various Occupy camps around the country that is helping keep the movement alive as these camps are evicted. This group still uses all the latest social media, but apparently the most effective tool of communication for them is the old fashioned conference call.

Truth-Out.org has three very timely stories: A call to ensure the voice of the 99% is allowed to be heard in next year's elections, an update on the plans to Occupy the Iowa Caucuses, and a piece about how some of the smaller Occupy camps continue to gather victories.

Margot Adler, in a story for NPR, examines if the multitude of voices in the Occupy movement are a strength or a weakness.

Finally, rather than just being part of the news, OWS members have begun reporting it.