Occupy Update December 29, 2011

From the Boston Globe:  The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is fighting on behalf of a blogger with apparent Occupy Boston ties who has been subjected to a subpoena that authorities filed through a social media site.

Up next is Occupy Congress. The Washington Post reports that a permit has been filed with the National Park Service for an event on January 17th.

Sean Captain has the story in Wired about how Occupy members are trying to come up with new social media sites that are more collaborative and open-source. There is increasing need for this, because as UWS News reported yesterday, communications like Twitter are being subpoenaed by authorities.

Queena Kim reports in Truth-Out.org that some Native American activists are unhappy with the term “Occupy” and hope to replace it with “Decolonize”.

Seven Occupy protestors were arrested at Mitt Romney's Des Moines campaign office. This is all part of a week of activities by Occupy Iowa Caucus leading up to January 3rd. UWS News has been following this story closely and will continue to stay on top of events as they occur.

In a related story, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who by many accounts could be poised to win the Iowa Caucuses, has praised OWS and compared it favorably to the Tea Party.

Finally, Leland H. Faust, an investment manager and principal with CSI Capital Management, writes in The San Francisco Chronicle that a “rigged game” doesn't just hurt the 99%, but it also affects the 1% as well.