Occupy Update : January 6, 2012

Contra Costa Times (Video): Occupy Oakland Protestors try to enter City hall to meet with Mayor Jean Quan, and are refused entrance by police. Protesters called for the release of the estimated 16 Occupy supporters still in jail from recent police confrontations as well as broader rights to assemble at Ogawa Plaza.

Occupy appears to be mobilizing in the New Year to assist homeowners threated by foreclosure, and gather at the home of a 79 year old retired school teacher. Members of Occupy LA and Occupy the Hood LA used the rally to call for more responsible banking More details from KTLA.com

Denver Westword reports that the curfew/ban that was used to close down Occupy Denver will be observed and applied to Occupy Boulder.

Playing it safe : According to St. Andrews Patch, GOP Candidate Mitt Romney opts for carefully staged events vs. fielding audience questions and dealing with Occupy Charleston Protestors.

In the other Charleston (West Virginia), protestors have decided to abandon their encampment at the AFL-CIO parking lot.

CBSnews.com offers a detailed, post-Iowa look at Occupy and how it may impact the election in 2012.

Brooklyn cops enforce long-standing vacate orders for an Occupy Media group that was squatting in a Bushwick loft. Cops claim they enforce the law, protestors claim its political. Complete story in The Brooklyn Paper. The media group are in fact reporters for globalrevolution.tv and cite the fact that other, paying tenants in the building were not forced to leave, just the group. UWS Digital News will continue to follow the story.

The Huffington Post offers a series of interviews and reflections gathered by Marianne Schnall from author Alice Walker, Nancy Pelosi, and Arianna Huffington on the meaning of the Occupy Movement in the US and globally.

Finally, a Bradenton Herald letter writer claims the Tea Party movement offers solutions, while Occupy protestors eschew the valued American traditions of "solving your own problems."