Occupy Update January 9, 2012


Occupy Lancaster (England) is the latest encampment to be evicted by police, video here :


Occupy the Primary has set up camp in New Hampshire. Organizers say the 99% includes Republicans and should not be considered part of the Democractic Party.

Huffington Post As Occupy heads into 2012, participants in the leaderless movement are developing a range of new strategies and tactics to keep what they view as the injustices of the economic system in the spotlight.

Tensions between Oakland police and Occupy protesters escalated Sunday, a day after an antipolice rally downtown turned violent and resulted in six arrests. SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle)

Occupy Albany is getting an office. Details in the Poughkeepsie Journal

Columbia University was apparently planning a “field study” for an anthropology course on the Occupy movement, however, with protestors cleared, it's back to the classroom.

While encampments in the US and Great Britain are being evicted by authorities, the Occupy Tallahassee movement is still going strong

Finally, Norwalk Patch features a profile of the Connecticut resident who helped found Occupy New Haven