Occupy Update : January 10, 2012

Linda Federico-O'Murchu describes the next Occupy initiative. The "Call to Action" urges protestors to convene on the West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill on January 17th in an effort to bring the movement's message to the doorstep of Congressional lawmakers - Bloomfield Patch

Barricades surrounding a New York City park that was the epicenter of the Occupy Wall Street movement are a violation of city zoning law because they restrict public access to the space, civil rights groups said Monday – TheStreet.com

Ben Adler of the Nation tracks Occupy NH, Magery Eagan at the Boston Herald does the same, calling the protestors neither gone nor forgotten.

According to today's Wall Street Journal, Occupy Albany has launched a new website at www.99percentNY.org to back up their effort to get the Legislature to close what they consider loopholes. They want the revenue used to create jobs, for schools, social services, health care and other efforts to help the working poor.

As huge protests choke downtown Budapest, organizers say a Hungarian spring is underway. The Occupy movement in Budapest is protesting a power grab by one of the Hungary 's protestors of Soviet rule, nicknamed the "Viktator." - globalpost.com

Also on the other side of the globe, oil-rich Nigeria has been convulsed by “Occupy type” demonstrations over gas prices and an end to government fuel subsidies - Time.com

Al Jazeera features an interview with the founder of Sahara Reporters, who are covering the Nigerian strike, as well as members of Occupy Nigeria who comment on the current situation.

D.C. Health Director Compares Occupy D.C. to Refugee Camp.There have long been concerns over health and sanitation at the Occupy D.C. encampment at McPherson Square, but how bad are things really? Dcist.com