Occupy Update : January 12, 2012

Businessweek (Bloomberg) reports that Occupy Wall Street has weekend marches planned, as well as a candlelight vigil to honor the spirit and tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. Examiner.com says major events also scheduled on the left coast. The vigil at Riverside Church at 120th and Riverside will feature performances by Patti Smith and Stev Earle. Yoko Ono and Rap Mogul Russell Simmons plan to attend. No word yet if Ono will perform...

newsleader.com checks in with a snippet on the perseverance of Occupy DC.

Police officers watched as Occupy OC packed up and moved on. Daily Pilot says they are are moving operations to Fullerton, federal courthouse in Santa Ana.

Mike Wilkey of Prescott says that Occupy message is one of compassion dailycourier.com