January 18, 2012 : Occupy Congress Nets Mixed Results, Left Coast Braces for Friday



Fury occurs over the latest Goldman Sachs compensation figures and the fact that they don't seem to be much tied to performance. The Guardian UK focuses on the latest bonuses for the 1 percent.

The Guardian also has latest on eviction order against Occupy London issued by the City of London against the occupiers near St. Paul's Cathedral.

Upstate New York : Occupy Syracuse has a statement on their own recent eviction, and the plan moving forward. Syracuse.com Despite the eviction order, Occupiers say they'll stay in self-dubbed Perseverance Park. Daily Orange

RT.com looks at the likelihood of entrepreneurial success for the 99 percent amidst a landscape of global corporations.

The Washington Post reports hundreds gathered at Occupy Congress. The 1 percent may be encouraged by signs of division creeping in among the Occupiers, as several attendees are worried about the dilution of the message. Fox news and other outlets may also take heart at reports of a smoke bomb allegedly tossed over the fence onto White House lawn leading to evacuation. Several protestors clash with police. The Pres and Mrs. Obama were out celebrating the First Lady's Bday at the time.

Meanwhile, on the Left Coast, San Franciso outlets like the Examiner report that Occupy SF is coming back as a coalition of 50 groups planning to storm the city's financial district this Friday. Stay tuned.

As Occupiers change tactics, police and prosecutors are doing the same. Msnbc.com has analysis.

Finally, as donations to occupy wall street taper off, the ny times reports that the group is resorting to some winter belt-tightening to preserve funds for the basics, like handling the backlog of court cases.