January 19, 2012 : Day of Geek Rage, Occupy Protests Govs, Citizens United

Occupy Around the Globe : January 19, 2012

UWS Round-Up

Day of Geek Rage : The news of the day is Occupy SOPA, as both internet giants and users mobilized online and RW (offline, Real World) to block the stop internet piracy act nytimes.com. Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, and others all flex muscle (Sfgate.com)as K street and the Capitol face day of reckoning and the need to change tacttics. Senators and Reps backing the bill backed off. Daily Show host Stewart gives a take.

The end of the week is shaping up as : Occupy the Courthouses and Occupy Corporate Personhood.

In Montana, themissoulian.com reports that Occupy Missoula is getting in on the act. According to Walter Wilde, retired computer programmer, “we have basically been taken over by corporations. Our political process, our buying habits ... and they've gotten [us] to buy into it.”

San Francisco continues to prepare for demonstrations and flash mobs in its financial district on Friday. Activists there are going to mock celebrate the Citizens Anniversary decision that essentially enabled, or at least in large part symbolizes “corporate personhood.” Sfgate.com

Across the bay, Occupy Oakland activists plan a demonstration at the Ron Dellums Federal Building courthouse at Clay and 13th streets between 8 and 11 a.m. before joining their colleagues in San Francisco.

A British High Court judge ruled that Occupy London demonstrators must leave the encampment they have been maintaining for three months outside St. Paul's Cathedral in protest of economic injustice and bank bailouts. Wall Street Journal The group is said to be appealing the ruling New York Times

Occupy Syracuse has been shut down by the cops, though the group claims no rational reason for doing so. To prove their point, they gave fire inspectors a tour of their encampment to identify any safety hazards and found none according to syracuse.com.The propane free camp was removed early this morning with 7 arrests. Wall Street Journal

Occupiers nation-wide determined to stay the course are fighting an uphill battle. Occupy Boise is next on the block says the Arbiter Online.

The Atlantic provides a more detailed look at the activities of Occupy Congress this week, saying the nation has been occupied if not altogether organized.

Reflecting back on MLKs legacy in today's Sun, Lee Lears of Baltimore, MD says MLK would be joining the occupy demonstrators in the fight against income inequality.

Finally, as govs nation-wide give their state of the union, Occupy responds, state by state. Both Occupy Lansing and Occupy Saginaw take exception to Gov. Rick Snyder's rose-colored view of the economy there. In particular, the Emergency Management laws for several cities have them fuming. Occupy Saginaw organizer and spokesman Martin Sayles says the laws allow the dismissal of elected governments “with the stroke of a pen.”

The dailylobo.com checks in with a report of the attempt by Occupy new Mexico to disrupt their governor's speech at the Roundhouse. According to the Lobo, Occupy Albuquerque protesters walked more than 45 miles to Santa Fe from Bernalillo to join the protest.

Stay tuned for more Occupy news from around the globe...