Occupy Update January 20, 2012


afternoon update :

Raw video of Occupy Courthouse demonstrators
Black Pastors Joining Occupy Movement
Occupy the Courts takes aim at Citizens United and Super Pacs


Call it Occupy Wall Street West or Occupy 2.0. The San Francisco Examiner reports that today's activities in San Francisco's financial district kick off a new phase for the movement. Those who wish to follow the days events can use the hashtag at #occupysf. Looks like occupysf will feature live video feeds, once they are up and out. Huffpost has extensive coverage and analysis of the Left Coast this morning.

On the other side of the bay Occupy Oakland is alive and kicking and has set up committees working on a broad range of issues. Oaklandlocal.com has full details.

Reuters reports this morning is reporting that "only" a third of the global population across 23 countries are aware of the nascent U.S.-led Occupy movement against economic inequality. Reuters In other obituaries, the Vancouver Sun says that occupy only has the support of over 50% of Canadians, and is as high as 67% in South Korea. The US came in at 45%.

Back among the living, protesters today focus on the third branch of government : occupy courthouses will be in more than 100 cities across the U.S. on today to protest a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that removed most limits on corporate and labor spending in federal elections. Huffington Post

Across the pond, Occupy London protesters are facing the court-mandated eviction deadline of January 27th to break down the encampment. However, the next steps of the occupation are already in motion, as they plan to do a “tent city university” and bring occupy to the schools and universities.

Classes in schools would cover critical thinking, advocacy and how to take responsible action amongst other things, organizers say. Check out details and full analysis at BBC

Finally, the spooksters at Anonymous released a statement/video backing the London Protesters and threatening action against the 1% :