January 26, 2012 : Davos Continues, Prez Speech Contained Occupy Themes


Keeping on Davos, CNN asks if Occupy and Davos are Polar opposites or future partners? What would happen if Soros and billionaire buds grew concerned enough about income equality to put their money where their mouth is. CNN also has a nice piece that takes us inside the igloos and actually talks to some of the Occupy campers.

Commentators, political pooh-bahs, and pundits, whether they liked the State of the Union or not, all seem to agree : Occupy is behind the themes of income inequality the Prez seems to be staking his re-election on as he tries to "shore up his base." San Francisco Bay Guardain analyzes this phenomenon.

Speaking of which, Forbes outlines Occupy Round 2, saying the 99 percent's outliers may turn their attention to the G8 and NATO Summits, both of which will take place on the Prez' home turf in Chicago in May. It may give the Prez an interesting choice to make. Odds are he won't want a repeat of the election year contentiousness that marked 1968...

The Washington Post tells us today that Occupy DC protesters will not be counted as part of the homeless census for the city.

A world away, Occupy Auckland protesters won't give in, in spite of a substantial police presence telling them it's time to go, they continue to return to occupy and resist arrest, saying they've done nothing wrong. UWS Digital News will continue to track this. 3News NZ

After reaching a deal with the City on a homeless day care center, Occupy Providence pivots to challenging Brown University's Tax Exempt Status. According to protester Robert Malin of Brown, "They're a corporation," said. "Brown has a $2.5 billion endowment but doesn't pay fair taxes." Imagine the revenues if it becomes an Occupy trend. The Brown Daily Herald

Finally, Ray Lewis - the retired Philly Police protester, not the playoff bounced Ravens linebacker – is to settle his "protest arrest" case with New York City. Huffpost